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18th December 2014

Fantastic News. The powers that be have relented and advised Charlie that he CAN have a photo taken for his sick mother. We will confirm this has been done as soon as we get confirmation folks! Well done HMP for having some compassion!


12th December 2014

Sadly Charlie's application to have a photo taken for his mother, who is sick, has been denied. His mother Eira is very ill and won't be able to visit Charlie this Christmas, the first time in 40 YEARS... and yet someone at HMP Headquarters has decided Charlie cannot have a photo taken to send to her in lieu of a visit.  We have raised a petition to challenge this decision. Please click on the image to add your name and lend your support.


6th December 2014

A very big Happy 62nd Birthday to Charlie. Our thoughts and best wishes are with the big man today.


1st December 2014

We have a limited number of Charlie Bronson art calendars for sale. If anyone would like to purchase one, they can visit our shop page (click on the image folks!). 100% of proceeds go to Charlie's legal fund.


29th November 2014

You heard it hear first folks! Charlie was most impressed to hear about Hollywood legend Micky Rourke's latest fight. At 62, it's no mean feat - especially considering the lifestyle Rourke has led. Well, Charlie has truly thrown down the gauntlet. 'Micky, fancy taking me on? We must be about the same; age, weight.  You got a lot of heart, and bottle. But have you got enough to step in the ring with me when I get out?' Watch this space


25th November 2014

THE DEATH OF BRONSON - the last ever Bronson art exhibition, which will coincide with the LAUNCH of Charlie's new book, Broadmoor, my journey into hell.' Both the book and original art will be available to purchase, with 100% of proceeds going to Charlie's legal fund. Click on the link for more details!


29th October 2014

Charlie's legal team have sent a chasing letter to the CCRC, to ask how much longer it will take to come back to them with a decision, regarding his proposed (and much hoped for) fourth legal appeal. We will keep everyone posted.


1st October 2014

We are hoping Charlie will hear soon from the caseworker looking at his paperwork in support of his proposed legal appeal. We are hopeful the case will be recommended for Appeal on the grounds of new evidence, and the unlawfulness of his life sentence. We will keep everyone posted when we hear any more about this.


1st September 2014

As has been widely reported, Charlie was sentenced to two years for the so-called 'attack' on a Governor at Woodhill Prison in February 2014. Yet again the media don't fully explain WHY this incident happened, the psychological abuse he was put through whilst there, the liberties Woodhill took with him (deliberately withholding his mail for no good reason) or the fact that he is already serving a never-ending sentence for false imprisonment and is 11 years over the recommended tariff. The whole system is a joke. Charlie will never get justice until the media start to print the FULL story and the FACTS. Roll on the legal appeal - and if this doesn't bring about the justice Charlie deserves, then it's onto European Court of Human Rights. This fight ain't over for us!


For us, the fight goes on. Charlie has yet to hear about his legal appeal. If this is unsuccessful or doesn't happen, we will take this fight to the European Court of Human Rights. We hope Charlie's friends and true supporters will be with us.


3rd August 2014

Charlie has now been informed that his case has been passed to a Case Review Manager and he should be hearing from them within the next 4-6 weeks. Fingers crossed for a positive response. This is in relation to Charlie's request for leave to appeal against his life sentence. We will keep everyone updated as soon as we have more news!


3rd August 2014

Charlie has taken the decision to change his name [officially] via deed poll, to Charles Salvdor. To read more about this and Charlie's reasoning for this, please see the statement (right).


21st July 2014

Just to keep everyone updated on the totally incorrect article in the Daily Mirror, who wrongly stated that Charlie had been moved to Wakefield due to a fight with 12 prison guards, we have now taken our complaint to the Press Complaints Commission. The 'Journalist' Steve White has advised us that this means the Mirror will not now print a retraction or an apology, as the PCC investigates.


We will keep everyone informed of any developments. Meantime, enough is enough - the British press must start to realise that they cannot print with impunity about Charlie any more. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


11th July 2014

The CPS had until Monday 3rd July to get their paperwork in to the court, in their case against Charlie for ABH. They didn't. The Courts should have the power to throw the case out if the CPS can't even abide by the Judge's instructions. What a farce! Charlie approaches it with his usual, inimitable fashion! (click on image). Roll on the appeal.


10th July 2014

We are pretty confident that Charlie has NOT moved from Full Sutton Prison. Having received mail posted yesterday from him in Full Sutton, it would appear the stories appearing in the tabloids and online are untrue. We're not entirely sure where this story came from, and the Daily Mirror have yet to reply to our email asking where they got this from, but we can - with a fair degree of certainty, tell all supporters Charlie is still at Full Sutton.


8th July 2014

There are reports in today's Daily Mirror that Charlie has been moved back to Wakefield Prison, due to an incident. At present this report is unsubstantiated and until we know any more, we'd ask people not to speculate. We are trying to establish if this is an old story that the Mirror has chosen to regurgitate in their usual fashion. Until such time, please hold off from posting mail to Full Sutton.


31st May 2014

We have received, in writing, Charlie's response to the Daily Mirror article and subsequent shared reports. We appreciate that Kate Kray cannot assume responsibility for the content of the report, but Charlie is extremely unhappy that she chose to take a personal letter to the press, divulging details of a incident which could only cause damage. Charlie states that his letters are personal and not for quoting to the papers. He asked Kate Kray to stick a couple of pieces of his art in her auction of Kray stuff, and give whatever money it raised to his mother, to give her a holiday.


He did NOT ask expect her to share such personal details with the press in an attempt to raise the profile of her sale. His letter was written in faith because he trusted her. He has not made a single phone call since arriving in Full Sutton, where the incident occurred. We are sharing this information at Charlie's request and hope that now his states his position on the matter, it can be consigned to history as an unfortunate episode.


Transcription of letter: 'I'm fuming over this article. It even says I've called her. I've not used a phone since I left Wakefield, I last called her there. All I basically said to Kate.. 'yeah stick a couple in [Art] and sort Eira a holiday'

It's not you or anybody, it's me, I've chose not to use a phone. That's my decision, I'm not using any phones. Tell Kate I'm not happy, I feel betrayed.'


29th May 2014

Charlie has asked us to relay an important message to people regarding the recent tabloid stories taken from Kate Kray's letter. Charlie is absolutely devastated by this betrayal of trust by someone he considered to be a friend. Of all the people to use a personal letter to sell a cheap tabloid story, he did not expect it to be Kate Kray. He is extremely angry to have read such damaging reports and lies, with events twisted out of all context. Charlie believes this was done simply to advertise her sale of his art and what makes the situation worse is claiming this money will be used to send his mother on holiday. As we have already shown people, the story about Charlie kicking off because of the FA Cup was complete nonsense.


Charlie has asked that it be publicly known what Kate Kray has done is a betrayal of friendship and trust, and he is disgusted with her. We will of course print anything Charlie sends us through so people can read his own thoughts on the rather sordid affair.




letter (561x800)

To write to Charlie:


Charles Salvador [A8076AG]

Wakefield Prison

5 Love Lane

Wakefield, West Yorkshire




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